Webster Hall New York is one of the biggest nightclubs of Manhattan. It also serves as a prime location for concerts and other performances being held in New York City. The historical entertainment venue was built in 1886, but the place received its current incarnation in 1992 by the Ballinger Brothers. The hall has the capacity to seat 2500 audience and is used as a nightclub, recording venue, concert place, and many other forms of entertainment. The vast 40000 square feet hall is one of North America’s most prestigious and grandest venues. Guests can also enroll themselves for the theme parties held at the Webster hall which boasts some of the most renowned Dj’s of New York.


Before its incarnation, the Webster hall was popular for its costume balls but now the guests can enjoy numerous parties which have different themes and dress codes. The nightclub of the Webster hall is sectioned into three parts – one in each floor. The Grand Ballroom has the capacity to hold up to 1500 people while the Marlin Room can house 500 persons. The Studio located at the Webster Hall can hold approximately 300 guests. The most happening place of New York is also known as “The Best Stage in New York City”.

The concerts at the Webster Hall were first initiated by Jerry Brandt to promote rock acts but as soon as its popularity increased, renowned bands like U2, Aerosmith, Prince, Eric Clapton, Metallica, KISS, The Pretenders, and Guns N’ Roses also started performing their acts at the Hall on regular basis.


The Webster Hall is popular for the many events that are held here. Visitors should check the schedule of events and concerts before visiting the place. Transportation to the Webster hall is convenient and within easy reach from the public transit system. The Subway trains can also be used to reach the hall.

The nightclub has a restriction of only permitting the individuals who are above 19 while the age restrictions vary at the time of concerts.  The hall is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The club gates open at 10:00 pm with the admissions being closed at 3:30 a.m. the entrance for the club closes at 4:30. A valid government issued photo ID, passport, or a drivers license is required for entrance. But make sure the mode used to show identity is valid and not expired.

Webster Hall in NYC

 Nightlife of the Webster Hall

The Webster Hall is a place for enjoyment and regardless of what your taste in music is you will definitely find something that is pleasurable. The all three floors of the nightclub have a different type of music playing and guests can enjoy them depending on their mood and taste.

For those party lovers, who are on a tight budget, the Webster hall basement offers cheap drinks and entertaining go-go dancers. Although, admissions for the nightclub can be quite costly, guests can book their tickets in advance and enjoy a discount of up to 50%. But if you do book online, make sure you bring your confirmation number, a printout of the ticket, and a copy of the credit card which was used.

Webster hall is the place to be for all entertainment needs. Whenever you visit the hall, you are sure to have a great and a fun experience.  The hall is known to hosts some of the best parties and concerts since it opened and has live music, 5 dance floors, famous DJs, and much more. Some of the famous events of the Webster hall are the 80s flashback dance parties, ladies nights every Thursdays, and many more.

Dress Code

If you are planning to visit the Webster hall, then make sure you follow the guidelines for the dress code. Visitors are not allowed entrance if they are dressed shabbily. So make sure you are dressed properly like you are going to a formal place for dinner. Webster hall is a luxurious nightclub and observes a strict dress code.

Other Events

Apart from concerts and nightclub, Webster hall also hosts great bachelor and bachelorette parties. The grand location, lively music, and the Dj’s make it a great venue to have parties and enjoy with friends. The nightclub boasts historic architecture, gothic chandlers’, and awesome lightings. Even those who think that they have two left feet when it comes to dancing or are naturally shy to let their hair down, won’t be able to resist dancing the night away at the grand Webster hall with its great music.

If you are planning a tour to New York City, make sure you add Webster hall to your list of “places to visit”. We guarantee you that you won’t regret the visit and it will be the most enjoyable and memorable for you and your companions.

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